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Rubi slab work table

Rubi slab work table

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Worktable for cutting and handling large format ceramic slabs using tools from the SLAB SYSTEM range.

The extra reinforced aluminum bars give the SLAB TABLE great rigidity and stability. This gives it a maximum load capacity of 250 kg.

The separation of its 5 aluminum bars allows the user to drill and cut without fear of damaging the table.

The structure of the TABLE FOR SLAB, together with the adjustable feet, give greater stability to the set *. Thanks to the EASY FIX assembly system, assembly and disassembly of the SLAB TABLE is very simple and quick.

The folding legs have a safety system that prevents their involuntary closing. With folded legs, the SLAB table takes up less than 20 cm in height and can therefore be stored easily. The working height of the table is 70 cm. This height has been set on purpose to increase ergonomics in all material loading and unloading maneuvers with the conveyors of the SLAB SYSTEM gam with or without the addition of the SLAB TRANSPORT TROLLEY.

The SLAB TABLE includes a connector, equipped with the EASY FIX system, which allows two tables to be joined and thus constitute an ideal work surface for large format ceramic slabs. A slate table has a length of 180 cm and a width of 104 cm. So by joining two tables you get a support surface of 360 cm.

The table for SLAB is equipped with rubber bumpers on the sides to prevent the material from hitting the table directly and unintentionally. Thus reducing losses and accidents.

* To obtain a correct work surface, with ceramic sheets, the use of 2 units is recommended. The table for SLAB requires an initial assembly by the user.


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