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Kraft Tool HC177 Flexible Cleats (Pair)

Kraft Tool HC177 Flexible Cleats (Pair)

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Protect your work and eliminate air bubbles from applications with this pair of plain toe flexible soles. Gray flexible plastic lets you work with ease and comfort. The flexibility of the base of the sole creates a more natural movement when walking. Thirteen 3/4" (full length) steel spikes are precisely positioned around the plastic base for balance when walking on epoxy, sealant, gunite and shotcrete materials. Each sole is fitted with two nylon straps adjustable that fit around the work boot One size fits all Sold in pairs For best results, tighten spikes before use Hi-Craft offers value-priced trade tools for tradesmen and homeowners. Hi-Craft is a subsidiary, subsidiary of Kraft Tool Co., an American manufacturer of quality hand tools for the trades in concrete, masonry, asphalt, plaster, drywall, tile, flooring and leveling for 40 years.

  • Spikes release air bubbles from epoxy and gunite overlays
  • Protects materials from footprints
  • Sturdy 3/4", steel tips
  • Spikes positioned to distribute weight across shoe
  • Tips are replaceable
  • The rear toe of the sole prevents the foot from moving on the shoe
  • Plastic clasps on adjustable nylon straps secure shoes
  • For best results, tighten the tips before use
  • One size fits all
  • Sold as a pair

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