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Extreme scoring wheel 22mm (7/8") for TR, TS and TF Rubi 1907

Extreme scoring wheel 22mm (7/8") for TR, TS and TF Rubi 1907

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1907 Rubi Scoring Wheel Extreme 22mm

The constant evolution of ceramic materials is a challenge for professionals installing ceramic tiles. With the arrival of porcelain stoneware, the hardness of materials has become the greatest concern of the professional.

Now, with new production processes, and with the consolidation of porcelain as the most used material, as well as the growing presence of large formats or ceramic slabs, the main handicap is the difficulty of cutting ceramic tiles.

This difficulty is the result of the combination of hardness, thickness, surface finish and possible internal stresses of the material itself.

For the most difficult ceramic materials, RUBI offers the professional the range of EXTREME cutters and rollers. EXTREME cutters and rollers are made of high quality tungsten carbide, with a special titanium carbide coating.

Thanks to this coating, they suffer less wear during use. But in addition, the fact of being mounted on a bearing completely eliminates the friction of the wheel itself with the axis of the wheel.

This combination allows optimal use of the EXTREME wheel, providing smooth scuffing and 300% life, compared to SILVER wheels under the same conditions of use.

The EXTREME range of wheels and rollers is specially designed and recommended for scratching rustic ceramics, porcelain and very hard stoneware; for rough and structured surfaces (reliefs and textures).

EXTREME cutters are compatible with the RUBI tile cutter ranges: TS-MAX, TR-MAGNET and SPEED-MAGNET in its 10 mm diameter version and with the TZ and TX-MAX ranges in the 12 mm diameter version.

In addition, the EXTREME wheels are compatible with the TQ, TP-T and TP-S manual cutters, as well as with the SLIM CUTTER manual ceramic slab cutting system from the SLAB SYSTEM product line.

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