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Thermostat for Mysa floor heating

Thermostat for Mysa floor heating

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Mysa is compatible with most high voltage electric in-floor heating systems. Mysa does not work with hydronic heated floors. If you have an electric floor heating system with a temperature sensor, Mysa can replace your current thermostat. For new systems, Mysa is also equipped with its own ground sensor. Mysa is designed to control electric heating systems up to 3800 watts at 240V / 1900 watts at 120V. This information is usually found on the heater itself. Mysa is not compatible with 12 - 24 V systems such as oil heaters, natural gas furnaces or furnaces.

• Includes Class A ground fault circuit interrupter and floor temperature sensor

• Premium look and feel and clean, minimalist design

• Integrates with all smart home assistants

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