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Endure 8mm (5/16") Rubi 1906 wheel

Endure 8mm (5/16") Rubi 1906 wheel

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1906 Rubi Scoring Wheel Extreme 22mm


What today is the biggest disadvantage in cutting ceramic tiles is the difficulty of cutting high hardness materials.

The level of difficulty in cutting a material is defined by the hardness, the thickness, the surface finish and also, the internal stresses of each material.

ENDURE wheels are made of high quality tungsten carbide. They guarantee a precise and even scratch over the entire surface.

Thanks to their specific design, the ENDURE cutters are ideal for making excellent cuts in ceramic tiles with high hardness and in particular for all ceramic materials with rough and/or structured surfaces (reliefs and textures).

The life of ENDURE wheels is twice as long as those of the SILVER range under the same conditions of use. The stems of the ENDURE cutters, with triple grooves (designed and patented by RUBI), guarantee easy and quick positioning in the tile cutter.

Likewise, this geometry, exclusive to RUBI, ensures firm fixing of the wheel and an even, vibration-free scratch. ENDURE wheels are compatible with all ranges of RUBI manual cutters.

The 10 mm diameter wheel can be used with the following ranges: TS-MAX, TR-MAGNET, SPEED-MAGNET, STAR, etc. and the 12 mm diameter wheel will be recommended for the higher ranges (TZ and TX-MAX) .

The ENDURE range is sold in a practical case, thus offering greater protection and ease of maintenance of our products.

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