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Concrete Genie Floor Grinder - 3-in-1 Single-Stage Grinder from Xtreme Polishing Systems

Concrete Genie Floor Grinder - 3-in-1 Single-Stage Grinder from Xtreme Polishing Systems

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The Concrete Genie Floor Grinder is the best low cost optional floor grinder available on the market. It was the first in the Genie line of concrete floor grinders for completing interior and exterior floor renovation and repair projects.

It is built to the highest industry standards and specifications for professional contractors to use for removing epoxy on the floor, leveling uneven slabs, grinding, polishing and edging concrete, especially in small to medium sized projects. cut. Can be used on concrete, terrazzo, marble, granite, wood or vinyl floors, in residential and commercial construction projects.


Single Gear Drive: The Genie floor grinder is driven by a single gear from the top of the shaft to the two grinding heads. From the motor to the shaft you have a set of 2V belts. This makes belt replacement easier and eliminates the need for time-consuming lower belt changes.

9 Gallon Water Reservoir for Wet Polishing: Features a 9 gallon water reservoir for wet grinding. Also serves up an additional 50lb head weight to the already impressive 375lb weight of the electric concrete grinder. A waterproof cover helps ensure that the Genie's internal system is well protected.

Kickstand: The kickstand on the back of the handle helps keep the machine horizontal to the ground when you need to change the diamond pads. This prevents the grips from rubbing on the floor and other grip components.

XPS Magnetic Plates for Quick Tool Changes: Round metals and traps easily snap into place and stay locked with magnets. To remove, use a thin-bladed flathead screwdriver placed in the slot between the segment and the plate and push outward.

Built for Low Maintenance: The Genie was designed to be efficient, comfortable, and easy to use in any work environment. Always wipe down the machine after each use and keep the machine in a dry building. Also check that the power cord is not damaged.

Pad/brush diameter: 22″
Plates: 2 heads
Motor: 5 horsepower
Amperage: 30 Amps
Voltage: 220v single phase
Machine weight: 350 lbs.
Solution tank capacity: 6 gallons
Width: 25″
Height: 47″

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