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Dry Paths

ASE DS-5C Dry Paths Snow Melt Mat Rainfall Sensor Controller

ASE DS-5C Dry Paths Snow Melt Mat Rainfall Sensor Controller

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Aerial Mount Probe and Controller for Snow Temperature with Top Mounted Sensor / Humidity and Temperature

The ASE DS series of sensors and controllers strike a balance between price, sophistication, and control capabilities and capabilities. Each unit is housed in a rugged NEMA 3R enclosure designed for outdoor use. All internal electronics are specified for -40oC to +85oC operation. All line voltage units are listed in ETL UL 508/CSA C22.2 No. 14 and European CE EMC directives have been met, opening the door for home and overseas use.

All DS units operate by sensing environmental conditions using a base-mounted temperature sensor and a heated precipitation sensor. When rain or snow falls on the precipitation sensor, the tracks are bridged and a closure is detected. The heater then quickly evaporates the moisture, wiping out the sensor. The DS-5C's sensor simply screws into the top of the controller housing. DS-9C Precipitation Sensors are connected to a 10ft cable and are intended for remote mounting, either on a feeder rail for satellite dish de-icing or in a gutter or downspout for de-icing of the roof.

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